Horizons Internship

The Sigma Chi Fraternity has taken great strides in continually providing leadership development opportunities for its undergraduate members. In addition to participation in the Horizons Leadership Program, undergraduate brothers are also eligible to serve the Fraternity as a member of the Horizons Operating Board for an entire year after attending Horizons as a participant. 

The first and primary role Horizons interns play is a liaison between Horizons participants and headquarters staff. Interns are responsible for establishing contact with each and every participant in their session to ensure participants are adequately prepared for program. 

The interns’ secondary responsibilities include serving as a critical member of Team Aspen, the on-site logistical team, during the session. Interns will provide logistical support in addition to contributing to critical planning and development decisions that will ensure the proper, efficient and successful execution of the session. Interns will also have the opportunity to serve as the undergradute representatives to the Horizons Operating Board for an entire year. Tasked with overseeing the development and maintence of Horizons, the HOB meets twice year around the country to conduct its business.

The 2019 Horizons Internship Application is available here.

Below are examples of previous essay questions:

  1.  What is the purpose of Horizons? 
  2.  What's a challenge you faced after Horizons and what resources from Horizons did you use to over come it?
  3.  Since departing Snowbird, how have you furthered a goal from you Life Quest?
  4.  What generated your interest in this internship and how will it help you grow?
  5.  What would you change about Horizons and how will you improve it as an intern?


If you have any questions regarding the internship, please contact us.